Brandeis Fall 2018 Transfer Thread

Previous years thread:

Welcome to share your stat or wait for the decisions together

I’m a prospective transfer student for fall of 2018, too. Any idea of when we’ll hear back?

According to last year, the first wave would come around April 19th @transfergirl17

I visited Brandeis last week, and they said decisions will start rolling out sometime this week, but it’s already Wednesday…

Thank you for your info! It seems that in the past few years the decisions always came out on Thursday. @OldTransfer28

So do you think they’ll come out today?

Oh…a few people here

The first wave should come this Thursday… according to previous years…

Anyone know if Brandeis is need-aware or need-blind for transfers?

Today then?

@Boroboro According to previous 5 years, the first wave would come today. I remembered the withdrawal option would disappear in the afternoon for those whose decisions would come out.

@luckybaby are there any information on what time the decisions usually come out?

Didn’t they come out at 8:30pm last year?

I think it was before 8.30pm, but I don’t know the exact time. The change of the portal “withdrawal” is just an indication of whether the decisions would come out last year. No idea what it would be like this year.

My withdrawal option has disappeared…

Mine is still there. Best of luck! @mailbu

@luckybaby Thanks. I’m so nervous now… Will they send the decision by email?

@mailbu It will be updated in your portal. But they will also send you an email to notify that there is an update in your portal.

My withdrawal option has disappeared as well