Brandeis Financial Aid

Hi, so I was recently accepted to Brandeis as a midyear student, but my financial aid package is terrible. I received $2,960 in Federal Pell Grant, $1.5k in work-study, and $1,750 in loans. So they’re expecting us to pay at least $30k+ just for the spring semester. My parents make around $40k in total per year and there is no way they could help me pay $30k+ per semester. I checked my CSS profile and found that under “Current amount in cash, savings, checking, and deposit accounts,” it was actually the wrong amount, so it looks like they have $300k in their bank accounts/in cash.

Is that probably the reason why my financial aid package was so low? Should I contact the financial aid office to correct the mistake? Thanks

Yes definitely contact them!!

Also, how did you view your financial aid?

On the page where you view your application status, there should be a place on the right hand side where it says “Brandeis Community Account”. You have to create that account and then wait 24 hours for your financial aid to show up.

did it actually take the full 24 hrs?

I had checked a few hours before the 24 hour mark, and it still wasn’t up. So I think it does take the full 24 hours.

its been 36 hours and we still cannot get in to fin aid. crazy! sounds like they will mail it to us so well have to wait. not sure why it has to be so unnecessarily complicated!!