Brandeis Honors Program

<p>Does Brandeis have an Honors College? If so, do you need to apply to it separately or are you automatically entered in it when you apply to Brandeis?</p>

<p>Brandeis does not have an Honors College (the school itself is pretty prestigious). However, there are merit scholarships/fellowships which come with special benefits, both academically (scholars-only panels, lectures, advising, opportunities) and socially (discounted tickets to sports games or shows, scholars-only social events). Every applicant is automatically considered, there is no separate application. You can find more information about merit scholarships here: Merit</a> Scholarships | Office of Student Financial Services | Brandeis University
And information about the Lerman-Neubauer Fellowship program is here: Lerman-Neubauer</a> Fellowship Program | Brandeis University</p>

<p>not entirely true about "automatically considered." We did not apply for FA and so never submitted the financial profile, and so therefore my kids weren't considered for any merit scholarships or programs. I never realized this, unfortunately.</p>

<p>I didn't submit any financial aid stuff and I got a merit scholarship</p>

<p>huh. Okay. Well, at least I'm glad that we didn't leave any free money on the table!! Congrats to you!</p>