Brandeis RD 2023

Starting the thread for Brandeis class of 2023, regular decision, though I imagine the responses are still 2 months away.

As the late, great Tom Petty said, “The waiting is the hardest part”… Brandeis will be the last college we’ll hear from as they will need my daughter’s mid-year report for RD requirement

@ChillDad, we are waiting on 4 RD’s, but our mid-year report comes out at the end of this week. Best of luck!

@MdgmMom, thanks for setting up this thread. My daughter applied Brandeis as one of her nine RD schools.

I got an invitation to apply to the QBReC program. So exciting

I also got an invitation to the QBReC application. Does that mean there is a higher chance of admission?

If you don’t mind sharing, how did you receive your invitations- email or snail mail?

@ABCEDF and @CoolChem - My daughter is interested in the QBReC fellowship, but has to submit midterm report before admissions will even review her RD application. (She just finished midterm exams last week).

Can you share your stats? I am curious to see the criteria that admissions applied to determine if one is worthy of an invite. My D is top 5 in her class, 2 leadership positions (one varsity sport and the other is science honors society), 1450 SAT, and 4.47 weighted GPA. Took AP Language/Comp, AP Chem, AP Seminar as a junior and this year has AP Calc., AP Bio., AP Research, and Honors Anatomy and Physiology. She also interned in a college research lab last summer.

I got an email saying there’s a status update, so I checked my portal and there’s a letter about the QBReC fellowship.

As for my stats: SAT 1530, SAT2 Math2 800, SAT2 Bio 760, GPA 4.022/4.5, IBDP. Our school doesn’t do rankings, instead we have quintiles, and I’m in the 1st quintile.

My stats are
SAT 1420
Math 2 : 800, Chem 710, Spanish 700
GPA : 3.75/4.826
Rank : 34/896

When does Brandeis regularly release?

Guessing from last year, I’m going to say around 3/21 this year.

@ChillDad I have a 4.44 GPA, I am ninth in my class of 213. I have a 1440 SAT and a 30 ACT. I am a full diploma student and leadership positions in two school clubs. I did not get an email

It will likely be Thursday, March 28 considering last year it came out on the fourth Thursday of the month which was on March 22.

I’m hoping it’s the 21st or 22nd :smiley:

Brandeis will be the last college we hear from - the wait is a killer. I’m assuming that she is out of the running for the QBReC fellowship as per the website the application deadline was in February. Finally, heard from UCONN (accepted in molecular and cell biology), but need to wait on snail mail for any honors/merit.

The wait is tough. Trying not to talk about it this month as I think my daughter is getting anxious about our decision to apply to her four top schools in RD vs. ED (which includes Brandeis) and not having gotten clear merit scholarships in any of those top choices so far. We just couldn’t commit for certain without knowing the overall financial package they would offer. I hope I don’t regret that call…

My son was also hoping for an invite. SAT 1450, UW 4.0, did cancer research last summer at medical college, but he didn’t get one :frowning:

@familyfromLI invite?

@giraldi - no invite, alas.