Brandeis RD 2024

Hi Everyone,

I noticed there were no RD Brandeis thread created for 2024 (lots of ED), so I thought it would be a good time to start it.

My son is very nervous and this is a tough month waiting to hear…

does anyone know when it came out last year/previous years or when it’s coming out this year?

D20 applied RD. At this point she has a bunch of EA acceptances and Brandeis has kind of fallen off her radar screen. I also doubt that they will give her enough merit aid to make it an option.

Any guesses when RD decisions come out?

Last year they came out March 21. Hang in there! My kid is first year at Brandeis, totally loves it.

Hey, I was just adding myself to Brandeis’ mailing list and found out that my school’s name was in their school names’ list. I am the first one from my school, so I want to know that is this a sign of getting accepted? Please let me know.

@user_778131 If your school has a CEEB code, it wouldn’t surprise me that they already know your school exists.

@Hamman895 No my school doesn’t has a CEEB code of its own. Many other colleges also assigned different CEEB codes to my school on their list. So is this a sign of acceptance or something?

And why are the codes different on every list? Please let me know.

I’m the first from my school, so I was wondering about it. Btw I’m an international student.

@user_778131 Have you applied or are you applying next year?

@Hamman895 Already applied and waiting for decisions!

Did anyone got an email saying “like many other colleges and universities, Brandeis has made the decision to move classes online and cancel all events for admitted students”? Pretty sure the admission decision hasn’t been released yet but just wondering why am I getting this?

I received an email saying the decisions will be released in late March, as scheduled. Last year the decisions came out on March 21, which corresponds to this year’s 19th. But I feel like 19th is more mid- March than late March, so maybe 26? Do they send out email notifying the time before decision release?

I got that email too! I don’t think it’s a sign of acceptance but let’s see.

Guys can you share your stats?

Yeah…probably just a glitch. Good luck anyway though

@EstherL I didn’t get that email… Honestly I want it to be earlier than later

@Getinpls bro the email that we got mentions also the decision release date. So we all three got same emails!

Lmao I was blind ? thanks for reminding me though lol

@Getinpls bro could you tell us your stats? I don’t know why but my gut is telling that the email is only for admitted students, so maybe our stats were strong enough for admission.

Yeah sure…

SAT 1440
GPA 3.5/4.0 UW
Major undecided
ECs: Science Olympiad Captain, Student Council President, Cross Country + Swimming Varsity
Decent Essay + Rec letter

Honestly I don’t think my stat is necessary that strong in the RD pool. Probably that email is just a glitch though since there is honestly no way to speculate accurate admission decisions thru hints like this. Hopefully we all get in though.