Brandeis Transfer Fall 2020

Has the decisions come out yet? They seemed to have started rolling out starting 4/18 last year, and I’m wondering if anybody has received their decision yet.

i am applying as transfer as well, i haven’t heard back yet. I called the OA last week. the man said the decision will come out late April to early June. But i honestly don’t know what is actually going to happen bc of the coronavirus pandemic going on. Good luck

I also applied and haven’t heard anything back yet.


Have not heard anything yet. Has anybody received an interview invitation from them?

I also haven’t heard anything. I did an interview over Zoom last Thursday, but that was on my request not theirs. You can still request an interview here:

My interviewer said that transfer applicants were currently being reviewed by the committee, and that was end of last week, so I’ve been expecting a response any day. Hope today’s that day!

It wasn’t! ?

Anything yet?

One week later and nothing :confused:

Same here! Nothing yet.

Has anyone else gotten an invite to join brandeis transfer 2020 group on facebook but no the official acceptance?

Did you?

Yes, that’s why i was asking. Hopefully it’s not a mistake.

Is anybody in there saying anything

Yes i got the same thing. Saying Welcome in! And I also got an email saying my decision will be posted on 5/11 night. Which according to last year, might be 7pm. I hope it means we are in! Finger crossed!

This seems to be the trend from previous years, but did your withdraw option disappear?

Also, when did you guys apply?

Does anyone know if they release all their decisions at once or in waves?

@lolfffffffff I believe they do waves

Mine is the same as ever, no changes to the portal or any other potential clues. Who knows???

@ivytransfer12 thanks!!

Did anybody get into today’s cycle?