Brandeis Transfer Thread Fall 2019

Previous years thread:

looks like about 10 days to go if the first round of results are released similar time as the past years

I think we will hear this Thursday!

Will it be rolling admissions?

Most likely. looks like the last couple years they had 3 waves two weeks apart, always on thursdays

Did anyone receive an email about an Interview with Brandeis Admissions Staff by Skype?

I didn’t get any emails about an interview, but i just got an email from them that said they will have my decision Thursday night. Maybe they are still reviewing your application?

Got an email today saying result release this Thu. evening super anxious now

I also got notified that my decision will be ready this Thursday. Is this a good thing? For many schools, the first round is for clear accepts / rejects…

the way they worded it made it sound like everyone will be hearing on thursday. “we are almost finished reviewing all applications” sounds pretty final.

That is a good point! I wonder if they had less applicants than past years

How can this school (or any other) invite students off the wait list before May 1, when they know how many RD students have committed?

@Lynnski this is transfer thread lol not a freshman WL one

@hfirchow it would make sense that they’re doing this b/c fewer apps. did anyone not get an email?? @Jadenli000 ?

I do not know, did you get the email?

I didn’t get an email :frowning:

Fewer applicants mean good or bad?

No email, rather large FA needed, wait listed last year

Same on the large FA, but I’ve never applied to Brandeis

Good luck @vaxaeria but it’s important to know these private LAC’s are seriously in need of full pay, last year was mostly wait lists which we suspect kid’s FA need was a big factor. Don’t take it personally. I’m sure you are awesome! My guess is first round will be for full pay, can folks conform this?