*** Brandeis University 2022 RD Discussion ***

Dreamlessnewmember, there is an online chat today, that was the March 20 thing that was referred to. The decision date has not been officially announced. Applicants will receive an email sometime (~2 days) before the decision date telling them when decisions will be announced, and asking that applicants make sure they can enter their Brandeis portal.

@Suzeviolin I see. Thank you!

@SuzeViolin What is the chat and where do I find it to watch it?

If anyone is in the chat tonight and can find out when decisions are released, would you please let us know? Thank you.

@jojo230, my daughter received an email about it, with a link to register. She was admitted EDII, but I don’t think it’s necessarily only for admitted students. You could call the admissions office to find out, if you’re interested.

I received an email about it and I applied regular.

Also, @jojo230 I think it’s designed for chatting with current Brandeis students in order to find out more about the university (academics, student life, clubs and organizations, etc). I’m assuming they’ll organize other chats, and also that there will be more opportunities to interact with current students, once decisions come out.

@Terriermom8, I’ll mention that to my daughter, and if she hears anything about when decisions will be released, I’ll be sure to post it.

Guys, you all know that C.C. is sponsored by the colleges. They monitor this stuff closely. When you post “xyz school is my second choice” this week, that info is reported back to the colleges’ AOs, who know who you are. Not smart!

@student48958 - I think their merit aid is very good. Both my son and a friend of his received merit aid from Brandeis when they were accepted a few years ago. They are both Juniors at Brandeis (and absolutely LOVE it). My son was awarded the Justice Brandeis Scholarship which is $17500 per year for 4 years, and his friend was awarded the Presidential Scholarship and gets $15000 per year. I think this compares favorably with other universities. My son was also offered merit aid at Northeastern, Hampshire, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, UMass Lowell and UMass Amherst. Aside from the full ride offered at UMass Lowell, Brandeis offered him the most, though Northeastern was close. Boston University didn’t offer anything. I don’t know about financial aid first hand, but I’m under the impression it’s good.

Thanks @SuzeViolin

As far as I know, my D never received an invite to the chat and it’s not in her portal, unless it is buried. So maybe those of you invited have an edge?

@Happytoapply I really doubt this means anything. Brandeis is just not like that, they’re really direct about things (my son went to Brandeis). I was hoping not to increase anxiety by posting a message about the chat, but somebody thought that decisions were being released today and I wanted to explain why the March 20 date had been mentioned in another post. Also, the info about the chat wasn’t in my daughter’s portal, it was in an email that she got. There were so many emails from various colleges filling up her inbox, it’s a wonder that she noticed it at all!

@SuzeViolin (Suzuki violin - I just got it!). It’s not adding any stress for me or my kid. She’s SUCH an introvert that I highly doubt she would have participated in a chat. But it does seem odd to offer it to some and not others.

@Happytoapply glad to know it didn’t add stress! Actually my name is Sue and my daughter plays violin, that was the best I could do for figuring out a CC name lol.

oh no im scared cuz i didn’t receive an email to participate in the online chat

@SuzeViolin - my D also plays violin! If they both go to Brandeis, they might end up knowing each other. @jyp2pm1 , no, don’t read anything into the chat. I don’t think it means anything.

My son got an invite but had a conflict tonight. Any word about decision release dates?

quote from the live chat “I am one of the Admissions Counselors here at Brandeis. We can’t disclose the exact date of our decision release. However, you will receive an email letting you know that your student portal has been updated! It will be soon! Not much longer to wait!”

argh I just want to know at this point- why do they want to surprise us?