*** Brandeis University 2022 RD Discussion ***

Didn’t see one yet so figured I’d start it since I finally logged back into this account for the first time in forever lol.

Really hope I get in. It’s my second choice behind Johns Hopkins

My portal updated for RD saying: Your Regular Decision application is complete and the Admissions Committee is busy reviewing your file. Take this time to enjoy the rest of your school year and know that we will review all of your credentials thoroughly. We encourage you to visit campus or take our virtual tour. If you are applying for financial aid, please confirm that your application has been submitted to Student Financial Services. And over the next few months be sure to watch your email for future correspondence from the admissions office.

I have that too

Does anyone know when the decisions will be out at Brandeis?

Last year they came out on like the 23rd I think- maybe next week? I hope so!

I’ve been on the RD 2022 forums for all the schools my kid is still waiting on (7) and for some reason Brandeis has the least discussion. Maybe people aren’t as nervous about it? Maybe it is a second choice for many? Just curious. There are two threads for Brandeis RD 2022 (this one and one with the same title but no asterisks) - but both don’t have much activity. We have others in our family who went to Brandeis and loved it. I would love for my D to get in.

There is an online chat scheduled for 3/20 (postponed from storm). I am hoping they will announce the decision date during the chat.

when does brandeis come out?

Does anyone know if Brandies gives good financial and merit-based aid packages?

I heard Brandeis will release the decision on March 22nd. A company predicted it.
Until now they correctly predicted the Northeastern and UCLA release date, so I do trust this source.

Hi @Momma2018 do you have info on the chat?

My son received an email about it in early March. It is 3/20 at 7pm. You register through the DEIS portal.

Hey everyone,

Brandeis isn’t a top choice for me but it’s up there on my list. Excited for decisions to be released.

Anyone have any idea what the acceptance rate will be this year?

@Bella2018 Probably around if not the same as years past

Mmm okay I was curious because BU’s dropped from 29% to 22% in one year

@Happytoapply I don’t think lack of chatter means lack of interest. I’m doing the same thing you are. It’s probably just exhaustion. ;))

hi everyone, I’m a current Brandeis freshman who was in the same place as all of you last year. Let me know if you have any questions about the decision process, Brandeis, etc! Decisions will be out before you know it, so hang tight!

Is it fixed that the decision will be released today?