Brandeis v. Willamette v. Loyola Marymount

Hey everyone,

I’m making my final college choice and I was hoping I could get some advice. I’m going to be a Political Science major on the pre-law track. I prefer domestic policy over international. Here are my current impressions:
Vibe: 1. LMU 2. Willamette 3. Brandeis
Polisci Program: 1. Brandeis 2. Willamette 3. LMU
FA situation after undergrad: 1. Willamette (Money left over for law school) 2. LMU (Break even) 3. Brandeis (60K+ in debt)

While I understand that Brandeis has the best polisci program out of the three, I’m concerned about the culture on campus and the huge amount of debt I’ll be in. Brandeis came off as cold and aloof to me, and the food/living situation seemed terrible. Are these impressions accurate?

I’m also concerned that LMU’s polisci program isn’t strong enough for domestic politics. Willamette is kind of in the middle for everything, but they did offer me the most money. Plus, my mom is an alumni there. Thoughts?

Sounds like Willamette hits the sweet spot: least expensive, known for Poli sci m, decent fit. So, that’s what I’d pick.

Also, Willamette has a 3/3 program where you can finish undergrad and law in 6 years instead of the usual 7.

For law school rankings matter a lot, so that it’s better if the Students attend all 4 years if they have a good shot at a top 20 law school.