Brandeis, Villanova or BU for Econ major

<p>So, these three are my top schools, but it's gonna be hard to decide where to go. I know Brandeis is a top institution, but I don't know much about their econ program. Villanova si very good in business, has a beautiful campus and their undergrad and grad business programs are well accredited. Also, I like how their classes are small. Finally BU is a fine and big research university, it has like 15000 students and its located in a great city, althgough i don't like very much their class size.
If you could tell me something more about these schools like academic reputation, strenght of the econ/business programs (specially for undergrads) and about campus it would be great and you would definitely help me make a better decision. This considering I'm an international student and that it would be hard for me to visit the schools. Plus you guys know way more than an international student could about these institutions. Thanks in advance for helping me.</p>

<p>I'd say Brandeis is your best bet.</p>

<p>Or, since you like snowboarding, look at Colorado College.</p>

<p>Academically, Brandeis clearly comes out on top. Culturally, they are quite different. Brandeis is very small for a top research university (I generally prefer that but, obviously, opinions differ); students tend to be liberal, hard-working, politically active and into Brandeis' mission of social justice. It is a campus-based culture--almost all students live on its surbuban campus just 9 miles from Boston. While not a religiously affiliated institution, Brandeis was founded and remains supported by the Jewish community and it attracts a large Jewish enrollment (over 50% of undergrads). I find Brandeis to be an interesting mixture of a college type culture with top university-level academics and research.</p>

<p>BU is very large for a private university--and is right in the city. It is more of a collection of buildings than a real campus. It is also hemmed in by a major highway (Storrow Drive) and the Green line tracks. BU has a great diversity of student types--ranging from quite academic to those who rarely open a book. Students are mixed in with city residents and there is little cultural cohesion related to the university. It is a big city type experience but, if you are an independent and self-directed type person, it might be a good fit. BU was long viewed as mediocre--but it has invested heavily in the last 20 years to improve its quality and reputation. It has at least partially succeeded--but it is difficult to change a place as large as BU.</p>

<p>Villanova is a medium size university with an emphasis on undergraduate education as opposed to research. Most of its graduate programs are masters level programs (although it does have a law school). Like Brandeis, it is a campus-based culture in the suburbs but accessible to Philly. It is religiously affilated and the vast majority of students are Catholic. It also has somewhat of a rich, preppy type image (perhaps due to its location on the "Main Line.). It is a much more conservative culture than Brandeis or BU (in relative, not absolute terms--there are no conservative universities in the Northeast).</p>

<p>You need to visit all three. They are very different.</p>