Brandeis vs. BU honors

<p>Hello, everyone.</p>

<p>I have just finished revisiting both Brandeis and BU and was very impressed by both institutions...Now I'm completely torn as to which school I should attend.</p>

<p>Boston University has invited me into their honors program and has awarded me a sizeable scholarship. Brandeis has offered no money, but I have been continually impressed with the social and academic mission of the school.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any advice as to which school I should choose?</p>

<p>My ultimate goal is to attend grad school for English and get a teaching position at a university.</p>

<p>Thank you for any advice!</p>

<p>i chose Brandeis over BU Honors. </p>

<p>a truncated list of my reasons:</p>

<li>student/teacher relationships</li>
<li>opportunities for research</li>
<li>awesome english and language departments </li>
<li>sense of community</li>

<p>^ all much better than BU, imho</p>

<p>and lastly, what i affectionately like to refer to as a "sparkle" in the students' eyes - basically it's seeing kids who are passionate about where they are and what they're doing, and feeling like u could come up to them in mid coversation and jump right in to the mix because, on some gut level, you know you fit. </p>

<p>i understand the money issue and i'm sure you will be fine at either school, but i hope this helped a little. for me, Brandeis won by a landslide.</p>

<p>wow you sound like someone i know! by ne chance are u from new jersey?</p>

<p>If you are grad school bound, I second the opinion that Brandeis is the better choice-also because you will find a higher percentage of fellow students with those sorts of aspirations. It also depends on how much financial hardship/debt Brandeis would mean for you and your family.</p>

<p>michelec, i'm from new york actually :)</p>

<p>I am from New Jersey.</p>