Brandeis vs Univ of Rochester

<p>My D was accepted to both schools. We have researched both and plan to visit within the next few weeks to make best determination. However, since these two schools are frequently compared and tend to admit a similar student profile, can anyone give us some ideas as the differences. (aside from the obvious Boston vs Rochester).</p>

<p>In particular, I am looking for student stress levels, academic support, supportive faculty.</p>

<p>D tends to be introverted and casts a small social net, so we are sensitive to her needs of a close knit community environment.</p>

<p>at present, she “thinks” she would like to major in Brain/Cognitive science/Neuro</p>

<p>Plus anything you can suggest to look for during our visits would also be greatly appreciated</p>

<p>There are many threads you can search with this very question. I am a parent of a Brandeis alum (class of 2007, older daughter) and University of Rochester (class of 2010, younger daughter). Older d was also accepted to Rochester and chose Brandeis. We had equal merit packages from both schools although back in 2006, Rochester tuition was a bit less than Brandeis. That might not be the case now.
So much depends on your major and the opportunities available. Both schools offer excellent academics and attract similar profile students. Both schools are known for strong departments in your d’s subject area-neither of my d’s were science students, but both had friends who were. Both schools offer open for the most part open curriculums.
If you haven’t visited either campus, do spend some time just walking around on your own beyond the organized day. You pick up much of the campus vibe. You should find a class or two to sit in during the day at some point, visit dorms, talk to random students. If there is a meet the professors event, try to meet professors in the subject area you might wish to study. If study abroad is important for the future, try to stop by and find out about that… check the area around campus. You go to college but you are also living in an area for four years, maybe more… so you want to find out… how easy is it to get to Harvard Square from Brandeis for example, where do students go off campus at Rochester… Their new Collegetown will be breaking ground soon… and will be a welcome improvement…
PM me if you have any specific questions and do search for old threads on this discussion.</p>