Brandeis vs. Vassar

<p>Hello everyone, I am a senior deciding between Vassar and Brandeis and I have visited both and like them equally! I plan on majoring in econ so I am particularly interested in comparisons of both school’s departments. I like Brandeis’ location more but at the same time I feel that Vassar is more prestigious. Please help me, I have to decide by May 1st!</p>

<p>My d is a Brandeis alum, although not in that major. I don’t consider Vassar to be more prestigous than Brandeis. You see Brandeis alum names in the news all the time in very important and highly regarded positions… just reading the alum magazine over the past few days and it is an impressive group of people and faculty. Incidentally, she did not apply to Vassar as when she went to visit for prospective students day in the fall of her senior year, Vassar’s event was so disorganized, she had a bad impression about what attending would actually be like.</p>

<p>i don’t think V is more prestigious than B. My gut reaction is both excellent, both well regarded. I notice that quite a few of the Harvard Summer school Profs are from BR. Just watched an amazing documentary on HBO called 50 Children about 50 Austrian kids who were saved from the Holocaust by a Philadelphia couple. Anyways one of the two College Professor interviews during the show was from Brandeis. . I think Vassar’s prior affiliation with Yale no longer provides the same name clout as Yale like in bygone days.</p>