Brandeis VS Wesleyan?

<p>I plan to go into premed.. like i'm 100% positive. Which school do u think has better med school acceptance rates? i know wesleyan is like the most scientific of the lac's but their acceptance rate doesnt seem too high.. while brandeis i know theirs is around 86% but do they try to weed people out - and would their jewish affiliation affect med school rates? Muchas gracias.</p>

<p>aww come on.. 28 views and 0 responses?</p>

<p>I don't think their jewish affiliation will affect med schools at all. I think that's even illegal (because that's discrimination.) See what else you like about each school. If you can get involved in other things at one of the schools, that will probably help you in terms of admission to med school because you'll look more well rounded.
Just an opinion.</p>