Branford Basement

<p>I'm in Branford next year, and I'm really excited, but I haven't been able to find that much info on the basement. Do any of you guys have an opinion on it? It's really not that important for me, but I'm just curious all the same. Thanks!</p>

<p>It's a rather unusual basement... It's sort of like a series of small concrete tunnels with functional rooms scattered about intermittently (buttery, computer lab, gym, ceramics studio i think, etc...). It's not the best basement there is, but i'm not in branford so idk what parts of it are used as social spaces, if any. </p>

<p>It would probably be a kick-ass place to play hide and seek, though :-).</p>

<p>Meh, it doesn't suck. Soccerspaz pretty much described it accurately, as in, it's a basement, not a gourmet lounge like JE or Silliman's. But we're so awesome in most other aspects it's only fair our basement isn't quite as nice as the lesser colleges'. :)</p>

<p>Does Branford have a music practice room?</p>

<p>music practice room, game room, a great TV room, gym, computer cluster, buttery, pottery studio, squash courts, lounge areas, laundry room</p>

<p>Kwijibort is pretty accurate. Had to go to the Branford "Dance Studio" at some point...... don't advise anyone ever doing such a thing. Most confusing thing to get to, not to mention that it's not even in the basement. BUT, to Branford's credit, it's common room is pretty nice and it's courtyard, though I'm still not sure it's the most beautiful courtyard at Yale, let alone in America, is pretty nice.</p>

<p>Is Branford's whole basement shared with Saybrook or just part of it? And what is/are the gym(s) like?</p>