Brawl at Dartmouth

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<p>This is sounds like poor sportsman ship. This is unfortunate. It doesn't make the players look good and tarnishes the school</p>

<p>You're right...I'm sure lots of people will decide not to come to Dartmouth based on a fight at a football game.</p>

<p>i was at the game. dartmouth players started a shoving match but it was broken up. it all really started when a holy cross coach tried to punch the head dartmouth coach. holy cross also celebrated on the D at midfield before and after the game, which is a big nono in football. </p>

<p>not saying that dartmouth is innocent here bc they arent</p>

<p>Senior, apropos the football team, it seems you are having a brawl with the English language. </p>

<p>…word to the wise, be careful, such uncontrolled English could tarnish your image in the eyes of the adcoms and, of course, it will do nothing to advance your academic cause in the eyes of those of us grown accustomed to using the language the old fashioned way--you don’t want to get thrown off the admission's playing field for bad penmanship, now do you.</p>

<p>…hey, Dartmouth is a tough school; don’t let the SAT scores fool you. </p>

<p>My guess is that the boys on the football team had just been informed that Dean of Admissions, Carl Furstenberg, had decided to move on to more effete concerns and then, overcome with joy, the offensive line just started throwing their fists into the air and, perhaps, into anything else within their reach. </p>

<p>…you know, not all of us wander the halls dreamily translating Cattalus: that’s just marketing.</p>

<p>you mean Catullus?</p>

<p>dude, who cares about a football fight? I was at the game too, and it does nothing to deter people from coming here. No one comes here because of the football team unless they're recruited anyway.</p>