Bread Machine. Any suggestion ?

<p>I'm looking for a bread machine as a gift for my friend, new kitchen. </p>

<p>My budget is US$200. </p>

<p>Any suggestion ?</p>

<p>I am using an Oster model as we speak and I really like it. I have been baking all our breads from scratch with it the past couple of months.</p>

<p>I haven't used mine in ages...not even sure if I have it anymore!!! The smells that used to come out of it were WONDERFUL!</p>

<p>Maybe not appropriate for a gift but there are plenty of these at garage sales. I used mine for quite a few months until I realized the extra bread was sticking around my waist. It sat unused for 10 years and was finally donated to a charity.</p>

<p>Yes, definitely something to get at garage sales or thrift shop because 90% of folks who get them don't use them regularly...</p>