Breadth, Depth, or Both? (ECs)

I have seen people get both accepted and rejected with both breadth and depth in their ECs. Do T10s-T15s really want spikes only? Or do they also want you to have a well-rounded base with a spike?

Depth, dedication, and leadership in a few activities will always be better than a “participant” badge in a long list, IMO.

Yes, T10 schools reject people with all kinds of backgrounds.

And it’s particularly impressive if someone has done something for a long time. Shows commitment. ANd also shows real interest as opposed to college resume.

Depth and breadth. It’s not about spike. You said T10-15 and they want kids who can show they get involved in more than their own narrow hs interests. Kids who try new things- but of value, some challenge, not just any club or empty title.

Think of this as hedging your bets. Choose wisely.

Since the commonapp provides 10 slots for ECs, is it okay if six of my ECs are related to my academic interest and four of my ECs are related to other genuine non-academic interests (no fluff)? I know that there is no “formula,” but I would greatly appreciate your input.

I don’t have many long-term commitments (i.e. > 4 years)… will this detract from my applications for T10s-T15s?

Are you perhaps hinting at unique hobbies being particularly helpful in T10-T15 admissions? If so, do they want to see you pursuing said unique hobbies independently or with a group of other individuals?

Not necessarily unique. Big misperception. They’re building a community, not just a collection of worker bees. They like kids who can get out of their own comfort zones. It depends on what your own mix shows.

I’ll repeat my std advice. Some you do for your own pleasure- hobbies, fun stuff. Some related to potential major (the premed who works in a health setting, stem kids in math activities, poli sci kids volunteering with reps. Etc.) And some in your local community because you can see need and go do something. Working with needs in your area.

Dang covid throws a loop into this.

Yeah it sure does haha. Do you have any idea as to what AOs might be looking for from applicants in terms of ECs during covid?

Do these hobbies necessarily have to be done for a sustained period of time (i.e. at least three years) for them to even matter?