Breadth Question

<p>So, the requirement states "seven courses, one in each category and no more than two from the same department."</p>

<p>Can I satisfy Arts & Literature + Physical Science with music courses, and satisfy Historical Studies + International Studies with German courses?</p>

<p>depends wut type of class</p>

<p>KevRus, I’m pretty sure you got it right. Ask an adviser if you’re really worried, but I find that people who take social science/humanities courses tend to fulfill all the non-science breadths without even trying.</p>

<p>Yeah, I figure. Just wanna make sure my schedule is on the right track. Also, @henryclay why does it matter what type of class? I’m saying two of them are in the German department and two are in the Music department.</p>

<p>Would German R5A satisfy Arts and Literature?</p>

<p>look it up. probably not.</p>