Breakfast of champions?

<p>One of the Short Answer Questions asks what our "breakfast of champions" is.
I thought it meant something I would eat the most for breakfast or something I would eat when I need to most strength. But I searched it up anyway and got "first alcoholic drink of the day, taken in the morning, instead of breakfast", a novel, and a movie. </p>

<p>I called UNC and they say they cannot tell me the definition and that it is my interpretation of the words. Well i dont drink alcohol instead of breakfast in the morning...
It's like asking me to answer a question in Greek, when I don't know the language. Do I just go with what I though in the very beginning?
Does anyone know what this means?</p>

<p>Your first interpretation is probably the correct one - I would certainly NEVER mention an alcoholic drink for breakfast in a college application! I interpret the question to mean either your favorite breakfast, or one that you eat before taking a standardized test, or else maybe your favorite "fantasty" breakfast (what you would have if you could have anything). Good luck and have fun with the answers - I think they're meant to be lighthearted and to show your personality.</p>

<p>Thanks morneau! :-)</p>

<p>I haven't read the questions, but I'm pretty sure "Breakfast of Champions" is/was the slogan for Wheaties cereal. (Obviously, nothing to do with alcohol.)</p>

<p>Yep, I heard. HM, so maybe a cereal? This question confuses me a bit. (Yes, definitely nothing to do with alcohol lol).
Thanks though! :-)</p>

<p>LOL seriously if this is so hard, maybe you're not fit for college. JK that's kind of harsh, but it's simple: what is your favorite breakfast.</p>

<p>Haha really - there is no answer they are looking for! You are supposed to put down what you think the breakfast of champions is! Basically just what you like.</p>

<p>There was another thread about this, and the people having trouble with the question were international students (not originally from the U.S.). Americans understand it immediately... It's just - what is your favorite breakfast? Simple.</p>

<p>I really can't believe that that question has caused some debate and confusion. I thought it just meant what's your ideal breakfast, but then a friend asked me what it meant, and now there's two threads about this...</p>

<p>They never said you couldn't ask random people on a website... So... my interpretation is "what excites you and gets you going for the gold".</p>

<p>Wheaties - the "Breakfast of Champions", often had gold metal winners and other top of their game people on the front of the box...</p>

<p>LOL - don't think UNC is asking "what is your favorite breakfast?" - But can see how a strict interpretation could get you there... But still laughing...</p>

<p>Ok now I'm confused</p>

<p>Guess it was a good question, it got people talking...</p>

<p>This might help....</p>

<p>2010 Winter Olympics: Awaiting Newest Wheaties Champions</p>

<p>2010</a> Winter Olympics: Awaiting Newest Wheaties Champions | Bleacher Report</p>