Breaks during SAT?

<p>Is there any required break period between sections of the SAT? My daughter took the SAT for the first time in March and they allowed a few minutes break between test sections. She just took the June SAT and she said that the faculty proctor did not allow any breaks between sections, they had to stay in their seats (except for bathroom breaks). Her test group was finished much sooner than anyone else. I was wondering why she got home so early. What is the common practice for breaks? Thanks</p>

<p>In my section we had a 5 minute break after about every 50 minutes of testing in which we could get up, stretch, go to the restroom, drink water, or whatever as long as it didn't include talking.</p>

<p>If I recall correctly, there should be two five minute breaks and a shorter stretch break.</p>

<p>We had 3-five-minute breaks .After section 2 ,section 4,and section 6.</p>