Brearley and Andover

<p>I was checking out the 2010 Forbes ranking (again) and decided to check out a few of the NY day school websites, including Brearley, Collegiate, Dalton and Trinity Schools.</p>

<p>I was surprised to see the identical photo (same as Andover's) of Jane Foley Fried on Brearley School's website announcing her as the new Head taking the helm on July 1, 2012. It seems like it would be a step up from Admissions Director at PA, still I was surprised. I guess the announcement came out Dec 14th, 2011. Haven't seen anything posted on PA's website yet and have been following the Dean's (her) blog.</p>

<p>I knew she had an interest in women's development. On the Forbes List, Andover is ranked 3rd while Brearley is ranked 4th.</p>

<p>Has this already been discussed and I am playing catch-up? Reading between the lines in the announcement, I would have to credit Ms. Fried for recruiting "nice" students at Andover based on her citing that niceness and respect creates an environment for optimal learning. </p>

<p>Anyone hear who will be taking over for Ms. Fried for the next admissions cycle? I wonder how this will affect future Andover admissions and if this represents a departure from niceness and a move toward admitting students who are more achievement oriented.</p>