Brenau University- B.F.A Musical Theatre?

<p>So I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the musical theatre program at Brenau? Or the theatre program in general? Its getting really close to that time in senior year to start really figuring out where I'm going to end up. I just want to find the right college for me. I just joined this forum. So, a bit about a character woman, alto, usually the "Rizzo" types. I sing and act and dance, but i want to be educated on shakespeare and be a strong play actor as well. College advice? Thanks.</p>

<p>Hi, we are obviously a little biased but feel confident in saying the the BFA at Brenau is exceptional! The program is part of the Gainesville Theatre Alliance and all theatre majors, male and femal, graduate from Brenau. 85% of our graduates are working in the field after graduating, or go on to graduate programs. The theatre culture at Brenau is very strong and some of our best students are theatre majors. It is a source of pride for the university!</p>

<p>If you will email the Admissions office with your email address, etc. I can give you more specific information and some people in the program that you can talk to!</p>

<p>I think this program is strong. I believe I can count the Chair there as a friend and I think his daughter is one of the truly wonderful people I know. I say this because I didn't want this to come out wrong. But 85% working in the field? I find that number...well...difficult to understand. With a 90% unemployment rate for equity members at any given time the 85% working in the field number is outstanding. </p>

<p>Again. Great program. Wonderful setup. The productions are strong. The faculty is wonderful.</p>