"Briefly outline your academic plan" question

<p>The Harvard Transfer supplement asks, "Based upon your intended field of specialization, briefly outline your academic plans at Harvard College."</p>

<p>My intended field of specialization is Economics, though what does Harvard mean by academic plan. Do they want me to list my intended array of course types I plan to take (such as Econ/Math/Lit./Bio/etc.) or do they want a larger scope in the answer, such as my extra-curricular plans as well?</p>

<p>Listing Econ/Math/Lit/Bio/etc is way too general -- you can find those basic courses at any school. The question is just another way of asking "Why Harvard?". You should go through the course catalog and outline specific academic courses you would take if enrolled at Harvard. See: Harvard</a> Course Catalog Harvard University Catalog and Cross Registration and Harvard</a> University FAS Registrar's Office: 2011-2012 FAS Courses of Instruction</p>

<p>Okay, thanks. That's what I wanted to know.</p>

<p>Hey david, I wouldn't worry too much trying to come up with a perfect list of courses outlined over several semesters; the admissions office knows that's somewhat unpredictable anyway, in part because current course catalogs do no reflect what's available 2-3 years down the road, or whether courses you select will conflict in time, or whether a specific instructor will still be at Harvard, or might be on leave etc. </p>

<p>In any case, it's not bad to at least quote/cite a few specific classes you find interesting as part of a larger or more general answer that discusses the areas you'll need to take, or are interested in exploring.</p>