Bright Futures

<p>Is our Bright Futures supposed to be shown on our Financial Aid toolkit thing?


<p>Where does it show up? I don't see it on mine...:(</p>

<p>In the student aid toolkit when you go to the awards section.</p>

<p>It will show up, but the actual number is dependent on the number of credits you take.</p>

<p>For the top scholarship, it is (126 X Number of credits)
For the second one, I believe it is (95 X Number of credits)</p>

<p>If you haven't already heard or been warned, if you drop a class after drop/add week, you have to pay them back.</p>

<p>Sometimes it does not show up until July or Aug. As long as you went to and completed the info, it will show up.</p>

<p>This is what I'm getting:
Spring 1425.00<br>
Fall 1425.00<br>
Total 2850.00</p>