Bring your own window screen?

S20 was accepted!
Sadly we’ve never visited yet so we were scouring the website. They have a packing list with this item on it:

“Window screens — approximately 34-inch opening (student rooms do not come with window screens)”

Is this a normal college thing, or unique to Bucknell? Best laugh we’ve had in a few days, but maybe it’s not funny.

Just finished my first year. Very normal not to have a window screen my roommate and I did not bring one.

@alexrp2020 How do you like Bucknell?
S20 is facing the Bucknell vs Lafayette dilemma, sounds like that is common.
Any insight would help as we cannot visit.

Best decision I’ve made. Biggest and main con is the rural location and it does take a little to adjust to depending on what your hometown is like, but once you establish a life and routine on campus the whole town feels like home.

I am finishing my first year at Bucknell and could not be happier. I was terribly homesick at first and then I got mono in the middle of my first semester. With the help of tough but amazing professors and support of of a few new friends, I got through it. fine By the end of the first semester, Bucknell felt like home. Academics are challenging but manageable if you put the time in. Location is rural but I think that helps foster a closeness that exists on campus. I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else.
PS: The Administration is awesome. When I was homesick, word got back to the Assistant Dean in the College of Management (through my Freeman Fellow) that I was having a hard time and she invited me to lunch downtown on a Friday afternoon to talk - it was just what I needed. For those who are considering Bucknell check out the website and pay attention to the school’s updates on Covid19 - You will see how transparent the Administration is. Finally a shout out to our Professors who are keeping us engaged via remote learning which is new experience for everyone.