Bringing in an AP class to my school's curriculum?

<p>I, as well as many other kids in my school, am interested in computers. The only computer/technology oriented classes that my school currently offers are Robotics, Computer Repair, Web Programming and Visual Basic, and Java Programming. I've done some research about AP Computer Science A and I think that this course would provide a wonderful and in-depth study on computers and programming. However, my school currently does not offer AP Computer Science A. How can I go about convincing the board to add the class to their line up of AP courses? The school I go to is a comprehensive public high school, but they are more arts and music oriented. Clearly, we students need to be prepared for the 21st century and the global economy.</p>

<p>My friends and I brought AP Biology back into my school’s curriculum. What we did was collect 15 signatures from students that said they would take the course. The guidance counselors made it available on registration day, 14 signed up and I am now currently taking AP Biology! :)</p>

<p>Hearing all the computer based classes you have it shouldn’t be too difficult gathering students who will take the class. Just make sure you have a teacher that is qualified to teach the class and you will be gold! Good Luck</p>

<p>Do AP classes cost money for the school?
If they do, that might be an issue. But a petition might work.</p>