Bringing laptop to class

<p>Is this a bad idea? Do most people just zone out and go on Facebook?</p>

<p>It kinda depends on you. Are you disciplined enough to just take notes on it or are you going to zone out and go on facebook?</p>

<p>I take my laptop to every class. I am an engineering student and about half my classes last semester it was required or you got a 0 homework grade. Whats your major? I prefer to take notes on paper but we had to use it for things like autocad and excel. My math class also used a programming language in class called maple. You will find out if you need it the first day of classes.</p>

<p>Noone brings a laptop to class. If you want to go on facebook and stuff get a smart phone.</p>

<p>Just my 0.02... though I am not a college student, Cal Newport discusses this very topic in his book "How to Become a Straigh-A Student"... which I found to be pretty interesting... also, I took my daughter to visit Harvard last month.. and we had the pleasure of sitting in on a lecture... I would say that 99% of the students had laptops... and yes, from what I could see, some were on FB and while many others were taking notes... hope this helps..I</p>

<p>I think I learn things a bit better when I write them out, but you can't beat having all your notes in one convenient place. </p>

<p>At the beginning of spring semester I broke both arms and was forced to use a laptop for notes, so it became rather natural for me. I did end up on Facebook now and then but I would have been checking it on my phone anyways, so I think it's kind of the same.</p>

<p>You should generally not bring your laptop to class, as you need to be paying full attention to the professor to make sure you learn the material. The majority of people in my classes with laptops are using them for FB/Web surfing and occasionally take notes(aka not learning much). Also, using your laptop for such purposes is distracting to the people around you who are trying to pay attention.</p>

<p>However,bringing a laptop to class can be okay as long as the following conditions are fulfilled.
1. Attendance is mandatory.
2. The professor is bad at teaching.
3.You sit in the back to avoid distracting others.</p>

<p>If you have so little self control you can't keep from getting on facebook for 45 min then you probably should not be in college. As I said above some will require it and other professors will say you can't have it out. Most classes, where it is permitted, at least half the class will have one.</p>

<p>There are lots of people who bring a laptop to class. Depending on what the class is... it'll determine if you need a laptop or not. You obviously wouldn't need one for a calculus class but it would be a good idea if you're in a history lecture. Whoever says that no one brings a laptop to class is just crazy. </p>

<p>There are many people who will just use it for their own personal use. I've seen people just watching sports on ESPN on their notebooks while others actually do take diligent notes. I am one of those diligent note takers.</p>

<p>I'm a pencil and paper kinda girl, but in my classes, maybe 5/30 people have their laptops. They're usually on facebook or stumbleupon or something.</p>

<p>I bring my laptop to class, since I'm much, much faster at typing and can take notes quicker than with just a pen and paper. 99% of the time, I have it open to MS Word or Powerpoint (if the powerpoint lectures are available on Blackboard), along with the sound recorder to record the lecture. I don't go on Facebook since I'm not a member of that site.</p>

<p>I do agree that typing is faster and it's easier to get everything down, however I don't always remember it as well if I don't write it. A lot of people (I'd do this if I wasn't lazy) print out the powerpoint slides since they're often available online and then take notes on those.</p>

<p>How i have a 3.9 GPA = Laptop</p>

<p>Learn how to use Microsoft One Note if you dont know how already (most people dont even realize that it comes free with Microsoft Office)</p>

<p>Use One Note to type notes on while professor is talking, and get a REALLY good microphone to plug into your laptops mic port (you can find them on Ebay) I forget whether they are uni or omni directional, but it makes a big difference in a huge lecture hall.</p>

<p>With OneNote you just have to use the find feature to find what notes you were typing and then put curser there, then you hit play and what the professor was lecturing about at the time plays because it is time stamped.</p>

<p>I love it and learned about it from some buddies that go to Law School, everyone in Law School apparently uses OneNote.</p>

Most classes, where it is permitted, at least half the class will have one.


<p>I think this changes a lot from program to program. In all of my technical classes (grad and undergrad) I only knew one guy that used a laptop in class because apparently he was faster at typing in LaTeX than writing things by hand.</p>

<p>I bring my laptop to the majority of my classes.</p>

<p>To avoid going on Facebook, I turn off my wifi (doing this also saves your battery on a mac). I end up having fantastic notes in the end because I'm not doodling in a notebook or hitting up Facebook during class.</p>

<p>Livescribe pen is the best!! just look it up</p>

<p>I never understood people who take notes with an actual notebook. The professors go through their slides way too fast for us to handwrite all the information on every slide.</p>

<p>^Some people write faster then they can type.</p>