Bringing stuff to Mich

<p>what do you guys plan on bringing to Mich and what do you plan on buying once you get there? I dont wanna bring things that I could easily buy once I get here. Is there like a target or walmart around AA?</p>

<p>We just got back from son's orientation and yes, there is a Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond close by. Don't forget that BB&B has a pack and hold service. You can scan what you want at a store near you and then pick it at the AA store (0n Washtenaw, about 10 minutes away).</p>

<p>There are also target and meijer close by too, which is where we went last year. I brought most of my stuff with me when I came because the stores were mad houses, and I moved in the day before most people got to campus. I think if you want to avoid that and still do your shopping when you get there, the BBB pack and hold service is a great option.</p>

<p>If at all possible, can some of you mention exactly some of the items you'll be bringing?
For me, I feel that there's really not much to buy. I feel like I can get most of the stuff I'll be needing and using straight from my house and be able to pack it in a truck. I'm seeing that people are ordering from BB&B and I'm kind of freaking out. </p>

<p>Here's my list of stuff I'll be bringing straight from my home/room:
Game systems and games
Comp system&monitor (which can double as a TV in my case)
Desk Chair (? Maybe.)
Some books for pleasure reading
Printers (Maybe.)
Portable Clothes rack (Maybe.)
Cell Phone
Shampoo (Hah, I'll end up buying some bottles nearby)
Conditioner (Same with this)
Soap (And this)

<p>Anything vital that I'm missing? Feel free to add to that list.</p>

<p>I brought most of the stuff that you're bringing but I had almost nothing to bring from home, I had to buy it all. All my bedding, including pillows, were 20+ years old and my bedroom was almost completely unfurnished, and none of my clothes fit-- so I bought a lot. I also bought a fridge, microwave, a nightstand, a tv stand (for the tv I brought from home, one of the few things I didn't buy new), annnd I think I bought a floor lamp. We had to rent a uhaul truck in order to get the fridge to my dorm.</p>

<p>Don't forget sheets (really, bring a second set too), and any kind of office type supplies you might need.</p>