Bringing up my scores?

<p>I took the PSAT (second time) and the PLAN this year, and I did pretty well but I want to know how much I could realistically raise my scores by the time I take the SAT/ACT, and how I should go about doing that.. I'm a sophomore, by the way.</p>

<p>My PSAT was a 195 overall: 77 reading, 69 writing skills, 49 math. Obviously my math needs waayy more work than my reading/writing skills. My PLAN was the same story : 30 English, 27 reading, 28 science, 22 math!</p>

<p>And the thing is, I'm not bad at math in real life! I mean, English is definitely my best subject and I have to work a lot harder in math, but I've always gotten A's in math. I did take Algebra II freshman year and this year I'm in geometry, so when I took the PSAT and PLAN I had had about a month of geometry, so that probably had a negative effect on my scores.</p>

<p>I'm satisfied with my reading score, and I don't think it'll be that hard for me to bring up my writing a few points. But if I work really hard on my math skills, can anyone give me an estimate of how much I can realistically bring up that score? I'd love it if I could get it into the high 600's/low 700's, but if that's not realistic I don't want to put a huge load of stress on myself trying to achieve an impossible goal. Also, are there any books/prep classes that have a focus on math? Thank you so much!</p>

<p>Bump...anyone have any advice?</p>

<p>Maybe take a few practice tests, then figure out what type of problems you're getting wrong? The SAT only has up to algebra II, so the questions are pretty easy, but there are also some tricky questions that combine a number of concepts. For those questions, it's a matter of understanding how to do the questions you got wrong, then practicing a lot. You may also want to try the ACT, as it has much more straight-forward questions (and a bit of low-level trig).</p>

<p>practice practice practice. the sat reuses the same format for questions, so once you do alot, you'll start recognizing patterns</p>

<p>Thank you! I did notice when I got my PSAT back that I did particularly bad on the geometry questions, so maybe after I've had a full year of geometry I'll see an increase. So do you think if I do a lot of practice tests and finish strong in my geometry class, I could see a 200-250 point increase in math?</p>

<p>Like said before, the SAT math is more of, understanding the concepts than the actual work. When i was in 10th i got the a 59 with no prep what so ever. I actually did bad in all my math courses, but i feel that i am good at math. Understanding the concept in an advance Geometry course will help you somewhat, its studying the test that will help you see the increase you want.</p>