BRISCOE Help/advice?

<p>I've been assigned to Briscoe. I was okay with it at first, but now that I've really been looking into it, I'm getting pretty worried. I'm going to be living next to a dorm that's being "extensively renovated," which probably means the dorms are in pretty bad shape as they stand right now. </p>

<p>But that's not my biggest worry. I'm really worried about the partying...from what I can find there's hardly any studying that takes place at all. I'm pretty social and I do party, but I'm going to IU for school, and I can go for a long time without partying. I really want to focus on school and I do need quiet time. But I'm torn because I do like to party and be social as well. (I applied for Central, which I thought would be a good balance.)</p>

<p>I don't know what to do or if I should try and switch to Central. Any advice or information on Briscoe would be helpful!</p>

<p>Hey! </p>

<p>I lived in Briscoe last year and loved it! I lived on the honors floor, so it was a little less hectic, but some floors are worse than others. I'm not going to tell you that people don't party, they definitely do, but it's not really that bad if you keep your door closed. Its more obnoxious when they come back from going out if you're a light sleeper, but a pair of $2 earplugs could cover that up. My floor was a lot of awesome kids who knew how to get their work done and have fun at the same time, so I got really lucky.</p>

<p>The rooms themselves aren't that bad, typical college dorm. I can post a picture of mine if that would help? Most of the rooms at IU are the same size... just different layouts. If you really want to be away from the social scene, i'd transfer to central, or even southeast, as they're pretty close together. But, I do feel that my friends who lived in those areas didn't get the full experience that I did.</p>

<p>Pro/con to briscoe: If you're into sports, its AWESOME because you're right there for all of the basketball and football games (buses can get quite crowded close to event time). BUT that being said, youre way farther away from your classes! I had to take the bus almost every morning to make it on time (I love to sleep in), because its a good 10 minute walk from Briscoe to Fee Lane, a little tidbit that the map doesn't show you.</p>

<p>I know that was a lot to throw at you, but if you have any more questions, ask away! I love telling people about IU, because my freshman year was such a fun experience.</p>

<p>Oh, and another thing: people never write about studying. They want to advertise their crazy exploits, rather than the time that they spend hitting the books, don't be entirely scared off by that. </p>

<p>IU RPS is pretty good about honoring students who want to switch rooms too, so if you get into Briscoe and absolutely hate it, you should be able to switch dorms, or at least floors, without too much trouble.</p>

<p>Hope that helps!</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the info! It was extremely helpful and I'm glad to hear that studying was able to happen along with a great freshman experience. I actually requested an honors floor in NW as my third choice on the housing app, but I'm pretty sure I didn't get it since my room plan just says "Briscoe." Oh well, I'm almost positive I'm not going to switch. It does kind of suck that I'll have to ride the bus a lot of the time (I live to sleep in too), but I can deal with it. </p>

<p>Thanks again, I really appreciate all the info!</p>

<p>I actually got wright in central but wanted northwest, maybe we could switch lol.</p>

<p>"Shay"...when you go to "My housing" - did you see there are (3?) tabs at the top. After the page that just says Briscoe are two other tabs. One is the community. Go there and see if yours says "Honors"...that's how my D's is set up.</p>

<p>I only have 2 tabs at the top. One says General, and one says Rate Info. So I didn't get an honors floor =/</p>

<p>Shay: Hopefully they have you on a waitlist? If not, and you haven't attended orientation...pick up a yellow card from housing and fill it out to be on a waitlist for another LLC (including honors). And, after 2 weeks, there is another round of change requests allowed. Luck.</p>

<p>I lived in Briscoe 2 years back. There's a computer lab downstairs and it's pretty quiet most days... The partying is not so bad. I wasn't a big on parties but they never pressured me or anything.</p>

<p>Also, if you feel like Briscoe is really not for you after the first week or the first month, talk to your RA and she/he will help you switch to a different dorm.</p>

<p>I got posted to Briscoe as well! The dorm's review are quite bad and I'm quite worried about it. But I'm posted to Briscoe Standard Large Single. Which floor are you posted to?</p>

<p>I was assigned to the 6th floor!</p>

<p>Hey! I was assigned to the 6th floor too!</p>