<p>I have a question for Brittany people.....actually many questions.....
1. How does the bathroom situation work out with 5 people using one bath?
2. Is there enough hot water, is there ever a problem.... I imagine less so for guys....
3. What is the water pressure like?</p>

<p>I'm sure people have thought about it, maybe not, but i think these are valid questions...especially for organized, neat, efficient ppl like me..</p>

<li>hmm it would be extremely sad on so many levels if a residence in nyc, which you are paying close to 5000$ a semester, would not have constant hot water access</li>

<p>hmmm....$4,000 a semester and idk where your from, but idk if you know what nyc real estate is like? try half a million dollars for a 1 bedroom hole in the wall.....(to purchase that is)</p>

<p>come on eji, will the biggest private university in the usa rip you off like that? have more faith!</p>

<p>ok ivy....i wanted real input from ppl who know, you offer nothing but educated guesses and your personal speculation....</p>

<p>i had a double but a bunch of my friends had quads and quints, so ill give you my two cents incase no one else replies</p>

<p>1) with 5 people, and if your girl, shower situation is going to take alot of planning. Some of my friends put up there schedules in a spreadsheat or w/e, so they cold figure out when everyone would wake up/take a shower. Also expect to not get in more than 1 shower a day. If like 3 of you have an 11am class as your first class, then one of you will probably only get to shower the night before, or wake up real early, shower, do homework, get breakfast, and go to class; instead of just showering an going to class</p>

<p>2) Hot water becomes a slight problem during peak times in the winter</p>

<p>3) water pressures was ridiculously high, in hayden atleast.</p>

<p>thx, i am a guy, but that will do...thx for answering...i wasnt expecting more than 1 shower a day, but i dont mind morning or night before showers...either way is fine, as long as my hair is tight....b/c when it gets is out of control....thx for the 411...anyone else's input esp a Brit...would be appreciated</p>

<p>5 people sharing a bathroom really isn't that bad. plan, compromise, don't throw a fit if you have to wait a few minutes to shower or something. you'll figure it out, don't stress about it.</p>

<p>definitely better than community bathrooms, imo</p>

<p>hey everyonee, i got a quint suite in brittany for the fall of '06...though this is off topic, i'm realllllllly excited and dont care about the whole bathroom thing. i think its really cool having 4 roommates and all (altho i'm sure therell be problems later on)</p>

<p>yayy =DD</p>