<p>Anyone know much about this dorm? I got placed in it after it was my last choice on my list and I was placed with 2 roomates instead of 1 which I preferred. And comments/rates I've seen about this dorm make me believe its not one of the better ones. I wanted to be put in Hayden; anyone know what I can do to make this become a reality? Or if anyone can tell me what they know about the people/personalities of the dorms?</p>

<p>Look in the previous page of CC NYU's forum here. Or search OhMySwoon for post about the Hayden Low Cost Triple she may still have. The post said to pm the writer if interested. I gather you may be able to switch if you find someone who is willing to give up their assigned room?</p>

<p>Even though it is still a LCT, at least it is in Hayden. Hopefully, it is still available if you are interested.</p>

<p>I lived in Brittany last year.</p>

*Very big rooms. If you are in a triple, your room will not at all be modest in size, especially after furniture rearrangement. These rooms can fit a lot of people for whatever alcohol-free event you may have planned for you and your fellow scholars.
*Pretty fast elevators.
*The penthouse is a good place to study. Kids on my floor used to do "penthouse raids" where we'd put on masks and scare the kids studying. Good times.
*Walls are very thick and block almost all noise.</p>

*No air conditioning, which makes the beginning of fall semester and the end of spring semester a bit unbearable.
*Heating is full blast in the winter, which (for someone like me who likes cool air) means I had to open the windows. And... the windows can't open very far because they have guards on them (to prevent death).
*It's a bit old.</p>