Brockman Foundation Scholarship - HS Class of 2020

I haven’t found a thread for the Brockman Scholarship for this year, so I thought I’d create one. I received an email inviting me to interview on January 30 - February 1. Very exciting! Did anyone else get such an email?

@hurricane314 , I just found your thread. Is this a regional interview like in Austin, Houston, or Dallas or is it a finalists interview in College Station? Last year, there were regionals and then finalists so I’m wondering if they are just doing a finalists interview weekend this year.

A regional interview, I should’ve specified. They’re offering multiple times over that span and will give a specific time once you reply to the email. Finalist Weekend would be in March.

DS also received an invitation email this pm. His interview window is Jan 16-18 in Houston. Has the length of the interview in first round been about 30 min in the past?

@hurricane314 , oh nice to know they are still doing the regional interviews. Sounds like there are atleast two sets according to @Olecollegetry . The regional interviews were 30 minutes. You spend way more time just getting there and back home than in the interview!

I appreciate your willingness to share and encourage! Your posts are helpful during an exciting and somewhat uneasy time. Such an honor for a senior to even have the opportunity!

My son received an email this afternoon inviting him to interview during the Jan 16-18 time frame. Once he replies back, he’ll got a hard date and time. For folks that have interviewed for this in past years, any tips? He doesn’t own a suit…should we buy one? We are coming from San Antonio so I just have to decide if I want to spend the day driving there and back or get a hotel. I’d welcome any advice…thanks!

@USAFwife2000 , Congratulations! That is awesome news! I would recommend buying a suit or atleast a sports coat outfit. He will feel more comfortable in interview attire. Plus, if he makes it to the finalists weekend, he can wear it for that weekend and any other interviews he has for other scholarships. He will need something too for freshman year if he interviews for FLOS (Freshman Leadership Organization) at TAMU. We drove in from Austin for the day and it was fine. We did not get a hotel and it was not a problem. Best Wishes and keep us posted!

@TXRunningMom Thank you!! Looks like I will be looking for those after Christmas sales on a good suit. And yes, I will keep the board posted. It just an honor for him to be interviewed!

My son got this also in Houston. I’m guessing the regional isn’t scheduling in Dallas or he would be scheduled for that since we live here.

I’m wondering how many applicants there typically are and the approximate numbers or percentages the choose at each level. Anyone know?

For those of you that have received emails, when did you all submit your applications? I’m wondering if they are reviewing applications in the order they were received. My son got his in just before the deadline. Congratulations to all that have interviews scheduled!

@2xSenior2020 , what area are y’all from? Last year, they grouped the interviews by regions it seems. DFW, Houston, and Austin primarily. We were in the Austin group (and interviewed in Austin, not Houston) with a couple of out of state kids. Maybe they haven’t gotten to your region yet to schedule?Hang in there and keep us posted!

We are near San Antonio. Trying not to overthink it and be patient.

@2xSenior2020 I believe my son’s application was submitted near the end of Thanksgiving break.

S submitted his application 11/20. The timing seems to be different every year, so difficult to gauge the process. I remind myself constantly to keep the right mindset!

@2xSenior2020, Waiting ‘patiently’ in Austin too hoping that these will be scheduled soon. Congratulations to the rest of you. Just getting an interview is a huge accomplishment.

My son received an email invite a few days ago. We are from forney, texas close to Dallas. So thankful for this experience! Congrats to all and fingers crossed for others waiting!

My son submitted his the day before it was due and heard from them about his interview on Thursday evening for those who were asking.

Congratulations! What area are you from?

My son received an invite on Thursday to interview in Houston at the end of January. We live north of Dallas. He’s excited to be considered.