Brockman Foundation Scholarship- HS Seniors 2021

Hello all,
I haven’t seen any information for those applying for the Brockman Scholarship for the fall 2021 term so I figured I would post here. Has anyone heard back yet?

I’m also interested in knowing if anyone has heard anything once their application has been submitted. I suspect it’s a bit too early to hear anything yet.

I’m wondering what will happen with this scholarship with the indictment against Mr. Brockman.

@2019odyssey I can’t imagine that TAMU would want their name associated with Bob Brockman anymore. He is the exact opposite of the Aggie Core Values. He is certainly going to jail and he should for what he has been hiding and what he has done. The IRS is not going to go easy on the biggest tax evasion case in US history. I do hope the existing scholars will get to continue their funding somehow though.

I believe a lot fewer Scholars were chosen for the class of 2024. Maybe had to do with the tax issues.

The Brockman website appears to be down. I assume that the scholarship will no longer be offered. I just hope that those who already have the scholarship will be alright.

@texas2002 , and yeah, the scholarship has been removed from the TAMU page too. I’m guessing it was a 3 year run and now it is done. Have any current Brockman scholars been contacted about their remaining scholarship years and what is happening?

I’ve heard that TAMU is picking up the remainder of the Brockman scholarships for current Brockmans so that is great for them. That is a lot of dough though; I wonder if it will impact scholarship money for the Class of 2025 President’s endowed scholarships?