Brockport College Info

Rising Senior interested in the SUNY college at brockport. Specifically the 3+3 DPT program with SUNY upstate. Background info on me- 1380 SAT, top 5 in class (fluctuates a lot don’t know my current status), will have 5 APs, 3 duel enrollment classes. Would love to know ANYTHING related to brockport. Culture? Financial Aid? Diversity? Parties? Safety? Dorms? Is campus nice? Anything really just there’s so little info online. More specific questions also: What’s the Honors college like? Can people in DPT 3+3 do honors? How hard is it to really get into that program?

My son is interested in Brockport for Fall 21. Does anyone have background on what the school is like? We haven’t been able to visit because of COVID. He’s interested in the exercise science program