Broke bum: Can i still get into college?

<p>I am a 22, almost 23 year old who still lives with his mom. haha, yeah yuk it up.
but i am broker than broke, my mom works at a fast food place, and no financial hope is to be seen anywhere.</p>

<p>I don't have a high school dimploma or a GED due to circumstances and f***ed up situations transpiring in my life.</p>

<p>Now...if i get my GED (60 dollars is hard to come by for me!)
what can I do to get into a good college?
I am proficient at creative writing and art---two skills that unfortunately don't make much money in the "real world". </p>

<p>Any scholarships I can attain for dropouts?
Is there any hope of getting out of this gang infested neighborhood?</p>

<p>Alan, for the moment, do not worry about college. Get that GED. Once you have that in hand, visit your local community college to see what you can do about getting on the college track. You will considered independent for financial aid purposes when you become 24. But right now the GED should be your first priority.</p>

<p>Good luck, and it is good that you are thinking about these next steps.</p>

<p>There's always hope, Alan...but its going to take a lot of hard work on your part.</p>

<p>As the previous poster said, set your first goal as the GED and don't even think about anything beyond that...yet. Once you reach that first goal, set another...getting into community college (because that's probably the most economical option, and you will most likely need to work while in school).</p>

<p>It IS possible. Remind yourself every day that ultimately, you want to make your life better and realize that the power to do that is in YOUR hands and no one else's.</p>

<p>Financial aid is available for community colleges- in your circumstances, you'd likely be eligible for enough aid to cover most or all of the tuition, and perhaps some living expenses. After two years, with good grades, you could transfer to your state college. Go for it!</p>

<p>Good that you're considering going back to school.</p>

<p>Alan - do legally whatever is necessary to pay for that GED. Sell aluminum cans or your plasma, mow yards, do day labor. With that GED out of the way the possibilities will be endless. Congratulations on being smart enough to want out of your current situation. Good luck to you!</p>