brooks college and sorority

<p>So basically I'm trying to figure out if it would be totally weird or impossible for me to stay in brooks as a freshman/sophomore and be in a sorority? I'll be a freshman in fall 2013 and I know brooks is more school-focused and stuff BUT I cannot STAND the conditions at Collins!! Freshman don't have a lot of options for rooming and i know collins is the typical sorority dorm... I don't want to have to pick between nice rooms/a semi-private bathroom and being in a sorority!! please advise</p>

<p>Hello there. I currently live in Brooks and it is not very school oriented. It is "community oriented" meaning you become pretty good friends with the people on your floor etc., but you could definitely rush a sorority living in Brooks. There is actually a group of 40 of us that plan on rushing this upcoming semester and many of the upper classmen on my floor are in sororities. :)
It is totally possible. If anything, try for brooks then the russels. However, the few girls I know that live in Collins actually do enjoy the atmosphere.</p>

<p>thank you so much! that sounds great to me thanks for your help!!</p>

<p>Hi! I currently live in Collins, and it is definitely filled with girls who are planning on rushing. That said, you can live anywhere and still rush! It depends on where you'll be comfortable most. Not living in Collins doesn't mean you'll be at a disadvantage or anything. Honestly, I wish I chose to live in Brooks instead of Collins because I CANNOT handle community is a nightmare...but yeah, living in Brooks won't affect your rush process!</p>