Brown Chances (Yes, another thread)

<p>So...decisions come out tomorrow and I was just curious as to what you all think my chances are:</p>

<p>GPA(out of 4.0): 3.429
Class Rank: 93/621 (exactly 15%)
SAT I: Math-780 Reading-760 Writing-700.
SAT II: Math2-780 USHistory-750 Chem-760
ACT: 35
APs taken/taking: Human Geo, Euro History, World History, English Language, Chem, U.S. History, Spanish Language, Microecon, Gov/Politics, English Lit, Spanish Lit, Physics C, Calc BC, Macroecon, Psychology.</p>

Academic Bowl -- 4 years, Varsity Level
Robotics Team -- 2 years
Habitat for Humanity -- 2 years
Photoshop Club -- 2 years
Math Tutoring Program (which I started) -- 1 year (it didn't end well)
Beta Club</p>

Digital Electronics Student of the Year Award – 11th grade
Tied for First Place in Georgia Young Writers’ Competition (School Level) – 11th grade
Student Speaker at Walton Writers’ Night – 11th grade
Principles of Engineering Student of the Year Award – 10th grade</p>

Charity Soccer Tourney in 11th grade.</p>

Took some classes (Bio, P.E., Health) -- 9th
SCA Summer Program (where you go out and renovate national parks for a month) -- 11th
Cultural Study in India -- 11th
Academic Bowl Workshop -- 10th</p>

<p>So what do you all think?</p>

<p>Just wait</p>

<p>I can't : (</p>

<p>did you get accepted?</p>