Brown Class of 2025 ED

So just to confirm since it seems you also self reported through common app. All they had was your highest math and highest English…so essentially your superscore?

I submitted the ACT from one test date.

However, yes, the Common App will only report your highest score for each section, but it does also report how many times you took the test (which can also be found from the test dates you have to provide from each additional section.)

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hi everyone, i know this isn’t related to what ur discussing. i apologise. i submitted my application a few minutes after the deadline, is that fine? will my application still be considered?

There’s nothing you can do now, so don’t worry as long as you receive access to your Brown applicant portal within the next week or so.

No AO in the history of the universe was standing by a computer at midnight ready to redirect all late applications into the trash.

A few minutes late? No problem. A few days late? Trash

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hi! did anyone submit the video portfolio?

Did Brown extend the video portfolio deadline for RD? Originally it was tomorrow.

They extended to 1/15

do you guys think it is worth it to do the vid portfolio

Yes, we did the video
and a music portfolio and accepted ED.

nice! what were ur stats?

Yes, if you have the time I’d strongly recommend it.

Can you guys please recommend an app for editing and creating the video portfolio?

What about iMovie?

Thank you.

To those who were accepted ED… have any of you received anything in the mail yet? Any official acceptance letter or packet? I haven’t gotten anything yet.

There might be delays due to COVID, since RD admits didn’t receive packets till the summer. It’s more of a nice memento but anything else, but you’ll get a folder like the ones here ( with a copy of your acceptance letter, a frame-able “congratulations on being admitted…YOUR NAME HERE” thing, and a sticker with the Brown logo and your class year.

The envelope is also really nice, it’s a red large envelope with the Brown logo on the front.

My son received a postcard saying congratulations on being admitted and saying to look for a larger packet in January.

Is there a string where the stats of admitted students are being posted? If not, can you guys please post stats so we can have some insight? Thanks in advance!!

Look back in this thread and you will find some posts with stats. I posted my son’s stats around #386. Hope that helps.