Brown Class of 2025 ED

Creating this b/c I don’t see a thread yet.

A bit about me: I’m a First-Year at Brown (Class of 2024) who applied ED, was deferred, and accepted RD. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and I’ll do my best to answer them! Good luck to everyone who applied ED this year! :smile:

Decisions typically release on the 2nd Thursday in December, last-year at 6 pm Eastern. You’ll receive an email the week before decisions are slated to release and 2 days before decisions release, Slate (application portal management system that’s used by many colleges) will likely auto-generate an email after decisions release if you haven’t checked yours yet.


The Brown Daily Herald (student newspaper) released an article today that states ED applications increased by 16%, which Logan Powell (Dean of Admission) attributes to the Brown Promise + Admissions’ virtual events.


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@PikachuRocks15 Holy a 16 percent increase haha! The competition will be tough but gl to everyone applying! I wasn’t able to get my other recommender to get me a letter in time for the early decision round. Do you know if it’s possible to attach the letter to my application if I get deferred?

@ThatOnePigeon Brown has a 1 week grace period for supporting materials (letters of rec, transcripts etc.) Still submit the letter (other recommendations can be submitted via email to,) but there’s no guarantee that they’ll consider it. I wouldn’t recommend submitting additional documents (except a LOCI and any updates if applicable) if deferred, as you don’t want to annoy Admissions lol.

School Forms:

@ThatOnePigeon I’m also assuming you’re referring to a supplemental recommendation, not one of the three required recommendations (2 from teachers and 1 counselor letter.)

@PikachuRocks15 yeah I was referring to the supplemental recommendation, but thanks for the advice! Hopefully, won’t be weird that I didn’t include a supplemental recommendation haha

@ThatOnePigeon It’s not a requirement, but an option, if you have a research/work supervirsor etc. that you would like to submit a letter. Still ask said recommender to submit it if you believe it’ll add another dimension to your application (other than teacher letters) but don’t worry about it otherwise! Good luck!!

If I won an award recently, should I send it in? How should I send it (emailing the regional officer or admissions office)?

@lilacsmile Definitely! You can upload supplemental information or updates via your Applicant portal as a word document. I’d recommend saying something along the lines of:


My name is FULL NAME and I am a high school senior at NAME OF HIGH SCHOOL applying to Brown Early Decision. I recently won NAME OF AWARD
which was awarded for DESCRIBE THIS AWARD and would like to update the Admissions Office with this information.

Thank you!


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Thank you so much for your reply! I am also starting an educational program about gender education for middle school students (the middle school principal invited me to). Should I also mention that on my portal? If so, should I put it on the same document?

@lilacsmile You’ll only apply to Brown once this year, so if it’s something important to you that you want to include, then do so. Mention both on the same document—you don’t want to annoy Admissions with multiple documents at the same time.

Thank you! You’re always so helpful :slight_smile: really appreciate it

Hi, I didn’t know I could have sent in a supplemental letter of recommendation until I read some of the above comments… do you think I could still have my recommender email it to admissions, or no? I already submitted another supplementary material, so I think I’m okay, I just wanted to check. Thank so much!

@mckenna10 You might as well send it if you feel it’ll add another dimension to your application (job/work/research letter etc.) There’s no guarantee that Admissions will read it, however, but that’s usually true for additional letters.

Thank you! So they wouldn’t be annoyed that it is a bit late at this point???

@mckenna10 Probably not, again, there’s no guarantee they’ll read it since it’s late, but it’s worth including if you feel it’ll add something additional to your app. :smile:

Any received an email regarding the missing materials? First term grades, midyear school report, and midyear transcript.

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Hi, wanted to ask if anyone received email asking for IDOC for Brown yet?

@webuyourselves Yeah my daughter got that email also. We have requested those items from our counselor.

Who else is applying test optional?