Brown Class of 2025 Waitlist

My son is on the waitlist. We sent his LOCI to his area admissions counselor. I could not make out his response. We shall see what happens. Trying not to read too much into this.

Does anyone know how Brown notifies waitlisted students?

@Kishamac I did a little research and in previous years I have seen it done a couple of ways. One way is they call you or your guidance counselor. Another way is they send an email. I think that they always update your portal either way though.

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I haven’t heard of any acceptances off the WL yet, so there might not have been the first wave yet.

@TanMan1 to answer your question, it’s really difficult to say. I would expect slightly more than usual given the sheer amount of schools everyone has applied to, but it’s really difficult to know. It seems that Brown typically accepts ~10% of their waitlist.

@gl8bal Ok, thanks. He was also waitlisted at Davidson and received a call yesterday from Davidson and was accepted. Trying to give Brown until May 1 if not Davidson and Carleton are very good back up options.


Brown said they will release their first round by mid-May, so don’t necessarily expect a decision prior to then!

last year they released them at the end of april but sadly it doesnt seem to be the case for this year :frowning:



Thank you this is helpful.

This is the same doc on the Brown status portal no?

@PerformingDude ya i think it’s the same one

I am concerned about the fact that I applied for financial aid through FAFSA and CSS profile…like my family could definitely pull through even if i didn’t get any financial aid but I just applied to see what I could get. Do you guys think that they can tell that I don’t need aid just from my financial info, or is it better if I update them telling them that I don’t need aid?

Brown is a need-blind institution (except for international students). Perhaps they won’t be need-blind with their waitlist, but I am not sure if it would be that large a factor regardless. I am also not confident that potentially increasing the cost of Brown for the sake of potentially boosting one’s chances of admission is a smart move. Of course, your call.

Did anyone’s supplemental materials box disappear on their portal? Mine is gone…

nvm it’s back

Any news about waitlist decisions? I told myself I wasn’t nervous but now I really am…

Someone on Upenn’s waitlist thread caled the admissions office and they said they might not have spots this year for waitlisted students.

Can someone do the same for Brown?

Amherst and Bowdoin both completely filled their classes (well Bowdoin might have like 6 spots). Doesn’t look great for WL people this year folks…

do you have a source for this? just wondering

Bowdoin: Record-Setting Year for Bowdoin Admissions | Bowdoin College

Amherst sent an email to all WLed people (my friend who got waitlisted received the email).

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