Brown Class of 2027 Official Thread

i’m in the same situation, although i know some schools don’t require extra documents beside the css profile. this is more in a case-by-case basis, since maybe your css profile wasn’t as clear on some information so they requested more documents. i don’t think it’s necessarily a bad sign if you didn’t get a request for more documents, but maybe someone with more experience can pitch in about this.
some schools offer financial aid based completely on the css profile alone and then after admissions they request proofs, but idk about brown

yeah same, brown is my top right now and both dartmouth and Cornell have reached out to me regarding missing financial aid documents, but brown has not. I hope this financial aid astrology thing is a lie though.

this is what i found on Brown’s website

  • Brown does not require an IDOC packet from every family.

  • If you do not receive a request from IDOC, that means the Office of Financial Aid has enough information to provide an estimated financial aid award at the time of admission.

i don’t think that not getting an IDOC request means a rejection


This makes me feel better, thank you!

If that’s the case, would having Harvard in my IDOC be a good sign?

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from what I remember, its there from when you set up IDOC…

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Shame. Thanks anyway!


does brown send out likely letters? has anyone gotten one yet?

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@kystle I have not heard of anyone getting Brown likely letters but there may be some who have. Yesterday March 15th was the last day to Ivies were allowed to send likely letters so there will be no more coming this cycle.


haha I’ve been lurking this thread–am I your daughter?? almost an identical profile! Macalester is also my choice if Brown doesn’t work out. never seen an applicant so similar to me!

Yeah this is BS, JHU requested fin. aid documents multiple times for me and I got completely rejected, not even a waitlist.

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If you get a doc request, the best case is: they’re still considering you. That’s about it (With a few exceptions)

Could we assume that if we don’t have any sort of request, that we’re rejected then?

idk about this, if they request documents now i get it but if they requested them earlier on the process (january/february) i think it’s pretty standard and just means they need more documentation for financial aid. admissions and financial aid office works separately, so i wouldn’t get my hopes up if you were asked for documents early on since decisions weren’t made back then and it’s probably standard procedure

Brown FA never requested any documents from us. And our Brown FA portal has only CSS and FAFSA.



No request means that they have what they need to provide a financial aid package if you are accepted.


From brown’s website:

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if they requested them earlier on the process (january/february) i think it’s pretty standard and just means they need more documentation for financial aid


admissions and financial aid office works separately

I’m international, so no. They’re need-aware for me and both work in tandem

question - why would they send a request if all docs are already available in IDOC and they can pull them from there? just curious if you have any info to support this…

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LOL… I really doubt you are my daughter, unless you were Belle this weekend in Beauty and the Beast! You may well meet her though if you both go to Brown or Macalester. She’s still waiting to hear from Wesleyan and Northwestern as well as Brown, but Mac is a definite possibility. Have you been accepted to Mac?

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