Brown Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Brown University offers Early Decision but does not offer Early Action for freshman admissions.

This year, the Early Decision (ED) deadline for Brown is November 1.

All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 15. Last year, Brown admitted 769 of the 4,230 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 18.18%.

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Are you planning to apply early to Brown University? Why Brown? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

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Sometimes applicants see the higher admit rate for ED and think that applying ED must give an advantage. The higher number (18% the last time around, vs about 5% ED + RD combined) is mainly because of a stronger applicant pool for ED. It’s not “easier” to get in through ED, so if you have other colleges you would also like to apply to, don’t think you have to apply to Brown ED or else your admission will be significantly less likely.


Is there another Brown ED thread for this year out there? It seems very quiet! Did many people apply early this year? Everyone is done with submitting a Video portfolio? Am I even posting in the right place?

I was wondering the same…

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Is anyone else as nervous as I am every day of this decision wait! I am checking the brown portal every day… no change :frowning:

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They will email you when decision will be released in about 10 ish days and will tell you portal will be unavailable for a few days. That’s when you’ll know. For now, do yourself a favor and don’t think about it. Relish every minute of this senior year. Focus on the other apps. Move on mentally.


Haha same I’ve asked around my school too and I haven’t heard of anyone applying ed to brown

Brown advisor told my daughter it would be announced Dec. 15th.


That sounds like a reasonable date. 12/11 last year my son’s portal was shut down and there was an email sent from Brown on 12/10 sharing that plan. Good luck to all the kids!


Hey, trying not to panic here but my ED applicant’s counselor said he’d send in the first quarter grades and no reason to think he didn’t, but the portal is showing an X! The grades were finalized 10 days ago or so. :-0 I’ve written to him to follow up but what else to do other than fret? Should my kid send an email to Brown with a download of the quarter grades? I don’t think they’ve heard anything from Brown directly, but … there is this X. ugh - and the grades were strong so we want them to be seen! Any experience with this??

I would have your child email their regional admission officer. If you don’t have a name, send it to brown admissions ( and copy the counselor and share that it was sent but your student is still seeing the “x” in common app (send screenshot) so you want to make sure the office had everything they needed, including the first quarter grade.

It’ll still say your student is missing info because Brown requires mid year grade, which won’t be submitted likely til Jan. My son’s was submitted in Feb (he let the AO know) due to a couple of his teachers being super slow at fixing his grading error.

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Agree your kid should contact their AO, here’s the list of contacts. IMO, your kid should also be the one talking with their HS GC to sort thru this. Admission Officers: United States | Undergraduate Admission | Brown University

Thank you! Maybe there isn’t an issue then. I had asked if it showed the first quarter received, but I asked again and they said it says “first term grades” were missing. So maybe this means the first quarter grades have been received, but not the first semester (which would be fine). I haven’t seen the portal - does it initially have a check/x for first quarter and then that changes to “first term” after you’ve submitted the first quarter, or are there separate listings for these such that she should see a check for first quarter? I’m just not sure whether first quarter and first term are the same or whether first term means first semester. Thanks again!

I would still have your kiddo send the email. I’ve actually never seen my kid’s portal other than when he showed me his acceptance. I think S21 kept getting an email saying that the grades were missing. Our counselor also emailed it to (when we also found a typo in the email address and pointed that out to the office to correct so other students weren’t sending to the wrong address).

Just got an email from Brown:

We are writing to notify you that beginning on December 9 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, the checklist on your Brown Applicant Portal will no longer be available for viewing. Please double check the status of your application before this time to be sure that we have received your required materials. You will still have the ability to upload supplementary material through your portal. 


I’m sorry. I am a parent. Can you say what that email said exactly because I can’t see your whole message. Thanks so much.

The checklist on the portal will be unavailable for viewing after 12/9 11:59 pm EST

So exciting!! This is 2 days earlier than last year.

when will decisions be available?