Brown ED Restrictive?

<p>So I heard Brown ED is restrictive so that means you can't apply to other schools EA if you ED at Brown. Can someone show me where on Brown's website does it clarify this issue?</p>

<p>Right here: Brown</a> Admission: Regular & Early Decision</p>

Early Decision is reserved for applicants who have not applied to any other Early Decision or Early Action programs (Ivy League or non-Ivy League institutions).


<p>almost all ed programs are restrictive, generally.</p>

<p>(Although a fair number of schools will allow you to apply ED to their institution and EA or rolling admission to any other number of schools (who comply with this ED policy) with the stipulation that you drop any other applications/acceptances if you are admitted ED.)</p>

<p>What's more interesting is REA (restrictive early action), seen at Yale and Stanford, but not at MIT. REA is exactly like ED, except that students are not bound to the school if admitted.</p>

<p>So rolling admissions should be fine right?</p>

<p>Yes. </p>

<p>"You may also apply to colleges that have a “rolling admission” process, again provided that you withdraw such applications if you are admitted to Brown."</p>

<p>(Brown</a> Admission: Q&A)</p>