Brown ED?

I know that I have already posted on here before for the same school, but I got my AP scores back and my GPA changed a little so I thought I would post again.

I am a Jewish, half white, half black male from North Carolina. I mention Jewish because it will actually play a part in my essay.

ACT- 31

Reading- 36
English- 33
Math- 29
Science- 25
Writing was 8/12

Hoping my AP scores and overall performance in my science and math classes will compensate for this stupid score.

My weighted GPA is 4.72
Unweighted is 3.9 (I’ve made two B’s in high school [Precalculus and Calculus]; the rest of my grades have been A’s)
Rank- 39:392 (Top 10%)

AP’s include:
Sophomore year: Psych (4)
Junior Year: Bio (4), AB Calc (4), Lang (3)
Senior Year: Lit, Government and Politics, US History, and Stats

Course Loads:

Freshman Year-
Seminar-Honors English I
Honors World History
Honors Biology
Regular Algebra II
Spanish I

Sophomore Year-
Seminar-Honors English II
Honors Chemistry
Honors Civics and Economics
Honors PreCal
AP Psychology
Spanish II

Junior Year-
AP English Language
AP Calculus AB
AP Biology
Honors Speech and Debate
Honors Physics
Honors Spanish III

Senior Year-
AP English Literature
AP Statistics
AP US History
AP Government and Politics
Honors Spanish IV
Honors Civil Liberties or AP Human Geo (Depends on how my schedule works out)


Varsity Cross Country- 2 Years
Varsity Track- 2 Years
Varsity Tennis- 1 Year (All-Conference Player) (Former Top 20 North Carolina Player for boys 12s) (Tennis for 10 years)
Young Democrats (President)
NHS (Treasurer)
B’nei Brith Youth Organization chapter President and secretary, former VP of recruitment and membership (For the chapter within my city) (I one time orchestrated a Purim carnival with the chapter president of the female chapter that raised $1200 to go to various organizations)
B’nei Brith Youth Organization North Carolina Council President (President of all male members in North Carolina and part of Virginia)
National Spanish Honors Society
Student Body President
Volunteer Tennis coach in impoverished neighborhood
Paid tennis coach
Various community service opportunities through BBYO
Freshmen Orientation Leader
Student Ambassador for rising Freshmen
Selected as only kid from my high school to participate in the SLIDE program (shadowing a community leader for a day)
Selected as the high school representative for the Director of Education search committee at my synagogue
Selected as a student representative to represent my high school for its annual accreditation (I was interviewed by the accreditation organization along with other student representatives)
Athlete of the Week for my high school in the city newspaper
Featured in a different article front page of the local African-American focused newspaper
Working as an assistant teacher for Sunday School (working with 2nd graders… yikes.)
BBYO convention coordinator (twice)

My recs will be great because I am getting my AP Lang and AP Bio teachers to write mine. I was Lang’s favorite student according to a family friend of his. Bio teacher just liked me because I did well in that class when many people bombed it. My addition rec would be from my rabbi who has watched me grow up for the past 14 years or so and is very aware of my involvement in the Jewish community. My guidance counselor will write me an average rec because I don’t know her that well, but we communicate some and I’m always nice to her. I’m also always prepared with my materials when I go to see her in school so she appreciates that haha.

My Common App essay will probably be about me finding my place in Judaism and the identity crises that I went through before finding that place. (Trying to fit in with the black kids, then trying to fit in with the white kids, then realizing the Jews will always love me).

I have one parent that never finished college and I have one parent that has a Masters. Income bracket is approximately 100k a year.

Do you guys think I’d have a chance?

No clue about your chances, but strange essay topic.