Brown interview

<p>Anyone receive a call from a local alumnus concerning a Brown interview?? Heck, from what I knew, I thought the interview was optional. Was I wrong??</p>

<p>Anyone f'in scared out of their mind? I have no idea was to expect. Anyone go through one already??</p>

<p>If it helps, my friend got an early write in the mail the day after she had her interview, so obviously the interview had no bearing whatsoever on their decision, in her case anyway. I don't think it's a freak-out situation, or no more so than any other interview. It's just an alumi. Not even an adcom or something.</p>

<p>lol well if she got an early write, then there was no point in the interview, she was so exceptional that they wanted her no matter what</p>

<p>in may case though, i don't find myself as being "exceptional" (err..low test scores) so i figure this interview could make or break me..</p>

<p>meh, but you're right about it only being an alumni interview
I'm sure they won't take it into large account..unless I do exceptionally great
<em>crosses fingers</em> thanks</p>

<p>btw, since when do people call you for the interview, rathar than you calling them? i have a friend that goes to Brown now, and he hadda call about 5 people for his interview, everyone kept rejecting him..and he's from the same area as me</p>

<p>makes me feel like some kinda celebrity, heh, this could be a good sign</p>

<p>so anyone else get calls?</p>

<p>Hey, I'm applying ED and I called the admission office regarding interviews as well. They told me that I will be contacted about interviews in mid-November, but wouldn't this be too late for them to make the decision by December? </p>


<p>These are only alumni interviews, they do not make up a big part of the admissions process. An alumni will simply send a letter to Brown regarding what they obtained from the interview. The admission decision however does not take this into great account.</p>

<p>she received an "early write"? Do you mean a likely letter? If so, I didn't know the Ivies were doing this for the early round. Thanks for the clarification!</p>

<p>Oh, well, she didn't apply ED. Wouldn't make much sense to do early writes for ED would it? Way I see it, they're mostly to entice you to that school, not really because they care about your peace of mind.</p>

<p>Julz, it might have something to do with Ruth Simmons. I'm not sure when she came in or when your friend was applying, but she's made a lot of changes to make students feel important and less dwarfed by administration.</p>

<p>Rabo, when did your friend apply? Crazy early? If she applied reg decision that long ago, I'm such a slacker. When you posted that response, I'd only just sent my ED!</p>

<p>No no, she applied last year.</p>

<p>i have an interview tomorrow ...dont know what to expect...</p>

<p>just have some questions to ask your interviewer, because that's most of the interview.</p>

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but I really hope this interview can work out, since I love BROWN so much. I care it more than any other schools!!!</p>

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<p>The coffeeshop where I work sells fair trade! Actually, I think it's fairly hard to buy good coffee that's not fair trade in my town.</p>

<p>did anyone interview for the PLME yet? I had a regular alumnus interview...are we supposed to have a med school type interview?</p>

<p>No, PLME interviews are the same as regular alumni interviews. However, my alumni interviewer was a PLME graduate, so I guess it depends on what region you're in.</p>

<p>I am an alumni interviewer for Brown. </p>

<p>Relax and enjoy it-- the interview is not a big part of the decision. It will not make or break you. </p>

<p>Brown is remarkably consistent in the sort of people it draws, year after year, so you will likely have plenty in common with your interviewer (starting with your love of Brown!) You will usually have a great conversation. Your interviewer wants to like you! So don't worry, just go have fun, be yourself, and speak your mind. Go make a new friend. </p>

<p>NOTE: Your interviewer CAN be key later, if you get in. Let's say you have specific questions about Brown vs another school, or a communication problem with Brown, or a glitch with your Financial Aid or whatever... you can call your interviewer and he/she can help you sort it out.</p>

<p>My interviewer was an incredibly outgoing and intruiging woman, and the interview was a lot like a simple chat with an old friend, catching up on our lives. She told me I have "drive," and she was so enthusiastic about me and my potential. She really wants me to get into Brown, so she sent Brown a spectacular review of me. It was amazing, and I didn't feel nervous at all. I feel bad for any of you who had terrible interviews.</p>

<p>After we talked for a while, mine basically said, "What do you want me to say good about you that you might not have emphasized enough on your application?"</p>