BROWN or NYUsh/ NYUad?

Which has a better reputation?
All are good in terms of academics. Brown has the ivy brand, while NYUAD/SH have huge resources and individualized care for each student.

*from new york university in Abu Dhabi and new york university in Shangai everyone graduates with a normal NYU degree.

Do you want to live in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai or Providence for four years? Is the cost the same? Where do you want to live after college?

I know absolutely nothing about NYU in Abu Dhabi or Shanghai. Do they have a reputation – how long have they been around for? (And most people have no idea what NYUAD/SH means, so thanks for the clarification.)

Brown, without question. I would prefer Brown even if it were NYU home campus, to be honest, and primarily for Brown’s superior academics in most disciplines. Unless there is a significant cost differential which you haven’t mentioned, but I would still see what you can do do to make Brown reasonable.

When it says “formal NYU degree” does that mean an NYU degree that makes no distinction among NYU, NYU-AD, and NYU-SH? As someone who grew up in NYC, I can assure you that this is the first I’m hearing of NYU-AD/SH.

@iwannabe_Brown Yes, it means there no distinction between the degrees taken in the three campuses. @fireandrain They both are very new. NYUad ( new york university in abu dhabi) opened in 2010, just graduated its first class in 2014 (great results apperently), while NYUsh ( new york university in shangai) opened in 2013. Ther are both very new, although already quite famous for their selectivity.

@fireandrain I am from India, and I still don’t know where I would like to live after graduation. Most probably in Europe or North America.

Clearly Abu Dhabi, Shanghai and New York City are vastly different cities just as these NYU campuses are different. I can’t imagine that the NYU diploma wouldn’t specify which school/campus of NYU a student attended. The NYU brand carries more weight internationally than does Brown. The Brown name, however, carries more weight among those in the U.S. who prefer the ivy league brand. Both NYU in New York (dream school) and Brown (ivy league) have excellent reputation s in North America.

If you were choosing between NYU’s main campus and Brown then the comparisons would be be easier and the decision would be more difficult (eg. which school is better for your major, which school is better for employment in your field).

Brown and NYU are highly regarded in the US. However, most Americans outside of the NYU community have never heard of NYU Shangai and NYU Abu Dhabi.

Um – no. They aren’t famous, since many people have never heard of their existence, and if the only thing they are “famous” for is their selectivity then I am not impressed. Quality of academics matters a lot more than selectivity.

Brown’s reputation in most fields is higher than NYU. Exceptions might be Tisch for theater and Stern for business. NYU has a good reputation mainly because it is in NYC. What do you want to study?

You seem concerned about reputation. Ask yourself – how can you even compare the reputations of a school that has been around for 250 years (Brown) to a school that has been in existence for 3 or 4 years?

Sincere thanks to fireandrain for pointing out the obvious. Those are the fundamental reasons why I recommend Brown above. Even NYU’s home campus has only gained some reputation on selectivity and improved faculty / resources in the last few decades. Brown has been an established academic leader for longer than NYU has even existed.

Frankly, the notion that these new initiatives – and here I don’t just cite NYU’s additions, but other schools as well – are “famous” sounds more like a dubious marketing ploy to extract tuition dollars based on a recognizable brand. Thus they seem more than a bit suspicious to me. Choose wisely, when you have those acceptances in hand.

I am a big fan of Brown but I would say NYUAD has an edge over Brown if you are not 100% set that you would work in the states. For those who are not familiar with NYUAD, please note that NYUAD is considered to be MUCH MORE prestigious than the NYC campus in terms of international reputation. Both NYU and Abu Dhabi government have heavily invested in the NYUAD program, and thus It offers incredible opportunities to its students and the class size is very small. I’m aware of the typical opportunities available to an average ivy league school kid, but I am sure those opportunities available at NYUAD overwhelm the opportunities an average student at Brown have access to.

However, as you can tell from people’s reaction here, NYUAD’s reputation is not comparable to that of Brown in the states. If you want to work in the states upon graduation, then Brown is the place to go.

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It really depends on what kind of college experience you want. If you want something traditional and well known, then choose Brown. If you want something totally different and much more adventurous, then choose NYU AD or Shanghai. The quality of education is very high with any of those options. (I know some traditionalists will disagree, and I will politely disagree with them.) The students who attend those institutions are really impressive. But Brown and NYUAD/NYUSH are nothing alike, in terms of college experience.

Considered by whom? Is there actually some evidence for this claim, or is this just PR?

I will confess to having a US-centric bias, but this would not be a difficult decision for most people in the States, unless there was a substantial financial difference.

Prestige is a really subjective term, and schools which are prestigious to some are not to others. Statistics from the entering classes at each of the NYU campuses are published. As a whole, they happen to be higher at NYUAD than at NYUNY. The acceptance rate at NYUAD is under 3%. It’s around 30% at NYUNY as a whole.

“I will confess to having a US-centric bias, but this would not be a difficult decision for most people in the States, unless there was a substantial financial difference.”

There is generally a substantial financial difference, as well. And you’re probably correct that most people in the States would choose to stay in the States. But not everyone does. Some kids actually want something substantially different; they want a more global education than just a semester abroad.

Again, Brown and NYUAD are totally different. But they’re also both excellent.

@Hunt Considered by most people in East Asian countries and U.S. citizens who know about NYUAD. NYUSH is nowhere comparable to Brown, but NYUAD is just a different story. I attend an ivy and most of my peers who know about NYUAD consider it to be at least on par with, if not better than, non-HYP ivy. I have no statistical data to back this up, but you can assume that I’m not biased towards NYU because I’m transferring to Brown.

As a current NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) freshman curiously checking out how our University is fairing on College Confidential, let me weigh in.

NYUAD is nothing like NYU in New York. Our acceptance rate is far lower and our resources are SIGNIFICANTLY more extensive. Most students attend on a full-ride and, if not, on a partial scholarship that makes tuition 1/3 that of NYU in New York’s. I didn’t have a single class where the professor to student ratio exceeded 1:12 this year and nearly all my professors had their PhD’s from the Ivies/OxBridge/Sorbonne. My dorm and neighbor’s alone have students from Pakistan, England, Peru, Brazil, Honduras, Tanzania, South Korea, and even from the States it’s Kentucky, South Carolina, and New Jersey. And if our student body isn’t international enough, besides our everyday interactions with Arab and Gulf culture, there are plenty of university sponsored trips to places from Nepal to Germany.

If you’re a non-American citizen and considering a life exclusively in the States, I’d recommend you go to Brown. However, if you want a chance to truly experience the world and get a first-class education while doing it, NYUAD is a far better choice. As an American, it’s opened all sorts of opportunities for me back home as employers look for internship candidates with diverse backgrounds. I have no regrets about NYUAD. And, if name recognition is the only barometer you go on, tell that to the guy who turned down Harvard I sit next to in Stats.

Brown. Definitely. There’s really no comparison with regard to reputation. However, I think it would probably be more fun to go to NYU/NYU Abu Dhabi because you’d be in NYC or Abu Dhabi rather than Rhode Island, which, exciting as it is, is nothing like that. Both schools are great and you’ll be more than fine no matter your decision. Congrats and good luck!