Brown PLME upload essay question

<p>On the Brown supplement for PLME applicants, there are two essays but it says to "Limit your total response to 500 words". Does this mean both essays combined together have to total less than 500 or can each individual essay be 500 words? I find it hard to just write one essay in under 500 words. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>Part of being a good physician is being succinct and following directions.</p>

<p>I've answered this question before, and I agree completely with BrownAlumParent. This word limit is new, but they definitely put it in place for a reason. Just say what you need to say without making it complicated.</p>

<p>But the problem is I'm elaborating on a story with specific details as to why I'm interested in premed at Brown. I feel that I wouldn't be telling them enough about myself if I condensed them into two 250-word long know what I mean?</p>

<p>If you are confused about the word limit, call the admissions office. They can give you the definitive answer.</p>

<p>If you want to go over the word limit--well, 502 words or even 515 will be fine. But don't exceed it by much. As I said yesterday, they aren't going to be able to read everything thoroughly, especially not with the current volume of applications. Additional writing is not going to make them happy, and, as BrownAlumParent suggestions, it may count against you. There is room on the Common App for additional information. If you really feel that you need to elaborate on your reasons for going to med school (but not PLME because presumably you are considering places other than Brown), you can stick it there.</p>

<p>Otherwise, think about what you want to tell them. Do you NEED to tell them all these things? Are they unique to you, or just general things that everyone seems to like about PLME? What can you tell them about why you want to PLME in the context of your interests? Why do you want to be a doctor? Can you write about it in another part of Brown's application? There are many open-ended questions there. Can you be succinct? You will probably have an interview, and you can discuss it at length there.</p>

<p>Think about it this way: you can write as many words as you like, but they will stop at word 501.</p>

<p>also it says the total should not exceed 500 words. It seems to me that the first question might take the bulk of your "words" and the second answer can be shorter.</p>